GameDay Nail Art Anyone Can Do

Show off your team spirit with some of these easy nail art inspirations. It’s perfect for game days especially when you need to subtly represent  at the office. **Bonus!!! Most team nail decals can be found on etsy for as little as $4.

Houston Texans

texans texans2

Miami Dolphins

dolphinsnail2 dolphinsnails dolphinsnails3

Jacksonville Jaguars

jaguars jaguars2

New York Jets

jetsetsy jetsnails

New England Patriots

Baltimore Ravens

raven nails2 ravensnails

Washington Redskins

redskins nails redskinsnails2

Seattle Seahawks

 seahawks nails seahawksnails2

Pittsburgh Steelers

 steelers nails steelers2

Dallas Cowboys

cowboys cowboys nails cowboys nails2

Week 2 – In Case You Missed it


Week 2 had football players dropping like flies. If you were one of the unlucky ones who have one of these players on your fantasy team, then you felt the pain this week. Some of these injuries give way for a decent waiver pickup so keep your eyes open for some unforeseen talent in week 3.


Jamaal Charles (Chiefs -RB)(ankle): Charles suffered a high ankle sprain in Sunday’s game against the Broncos. According to the Kansas City Star, “Kansas City Coach Andy Reid said Monday that the injury “doesn’t look to be a real severe one.” We know Charles will most likely miss this week’s game against MIA (Charles is only expected to miss a week or 2). This gives way for backup RB, Knile Davis who is one of the biggest waiver pickups this week due to his performance in week 2 (79 yards rushing, two touchdowns and six catches for 26 yards receiving.) Knile Davis is a must have waiver pickup especially now that Charles is injured.

A.J. Green (Bengals –WR)(toe): Green suffered a toe injury (a sprained ligament in his foot) on Sunday against the Falcons. Green’s MRI came back negative which indicates that he won’t miss much time, but he may at least miss this Sunday’ game against the Titans. If you are looking for a decent waiver pickup for week 3, take a chance on Sanu who scored a 76 yard TD last week. Just make sure that Green is definitely out when you play Sanu.

RG3 (Redskins -QB)(ankle): Week 2 was a gut wrenching week for Redskins fans with the loss of RG3 and Desean Jackson. RG3 suffered a “dislocated ankle” in the first quarter. Cousins finished out the game giving RG3 fantasy owners a reason to hit the waiver wire. According to the MRI, the ankle is not fractured just dislocated. Coach, Jay Gruden, said they have casted the ankle and will reevaluate the situation in a few weeks. As of now, RG3 will not be placed in the IR list and is expected to return in 6-8 weeks. (or they hope…)

Desean Jackson (Redskins- WR)(shoulder): Jackson injured his shoulder last Sunday, but has no serious damage. Jackson is expected to play this Sunday against the Eagles.

Ryan Matthews (Chargers -RB)(knee): Matthews’ sprained MCL could keep him out for at least 4-5 weeks. This leaves the Chargers with Donald Brown as the go-t0 and Danny Woodhead as the backfield man. If you are looking for a replacement for Matthews, go to the waiver wire and pickup Donald Brown for this week.

Knowshon Moreno (Dolphins -RB)(elbow): Moreno suffered a dislocated elbow on Sunday, which will likely put him out for 4 weeks. Lamar Miller is expected to get most of the carries during Moreno’s absence. Miller was also listed as injured on Sunday, but sources are saying it was precautionary and Miller is expected to play while Moreno is out this week.

Doug Martin (Buccaneers- RB)(knee): Martin, who has already missed most of Week 1 & 2 with a knee injury, is expected to play this week against the Falcons. See below for Martin’s week 3 outlook:

Eric Decker (Jets -WR)(hamstring): Decker missed part of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th with a hamstring injury last week. With Decker missing, the Jets offense did not see much excitement. Decker is Geno Smith’s number 1 target and takes some pressure off the other WR’s. There hasn’t been any word on how long Decker will be out. Don’t expect to see him playing for week 3

Tailgate Outfits for any occassion

The perfect outfits for going to your friend’s house for a football tailgatin’ party, heading to the bar to stuff your face with some delicious nachos and wings, competing in a flip cup tourney in your college parking lot, or tailgating with the pro’s.

Giants Tailgate


Fashion Tailgate
Tailgate Warm Set

Fall Tailgate Outfit
comfortable tailgate
Tailgate Fall

Tailgate Treats – Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

My two favorite things in this world are buffalo chicken and deviled eggs. So of course I was intrigue when i saw Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs existed. Let’s face it, the paleo, no carb trend is amongst us and it’s in good taste (pun intended) to cater to those metabolically less fortunate (myself included). This combination could be worth trying…


6 Large Eggs
6 oz. Cooked Chicken – Chopped
1/4 Small Vidalia Onion
1/4 Cup Blue Cheese Crumbles
1/2 Rib Celery
2 Tbs. Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch (depending on your preference)
Step 1: Hard-boil the eggs
Step 2: Chop up the chicken and celery
Step 3: Peel the eggs and slice lengthwise 
Step 4: Scrape the yolks into a large bowl 
Step 5: Add all of the ingredients to the bowl except the onions
Step 6: Use a microplane to grate the onion over the bowl. The juice from the onion will add to the flavor.
Step 7: Mix all of the ingredients together 
Step 8: Pour into a ziploc bag and squeeze the mixture into the corner. 
Step 9: Cut the corner of the bag and pipe the mixture into the egg whites. 
See the full step-by-step with visuals here:

Week 1 and Done…

If you missed Week 1, don’t fret! I have the complete list of wins, losses, and top fantasy performers below. (courtesy of Bleacher Report)

(click the picture to enlarge.)

bleacher report


The highlights in a nutshell…

Matt Ryan QB (Atl Falcons)

Matt Ryan knocked it out of the park in week 1…or into the endzone? (insert clever football idiom here) With 72 completion percentage of 448 yards, 3 TDs, and just over 30 points (standard) Matt Ryan proved he is a QB worth starting. If Matt Ryan continues playing this way, he could be a valuable QB for your fantasy team as a top-five QB.

Chris Ivory RB (NY Jets)

The Jet’s No. 1 running back Chris Johnson looked good against the Raiders with 13 carries, 68 rushing yards, 5 receptions for 23 yards, and a TD, but the Jets proved 2 Chris’s are better than one last sunday. The Jet’s backup running back Chris Ivory shined this week with 10 carries for 102 yards, and a TD. Ivory had a 71-yard TD which is now tied for the 2nd-longest TD run in Jets history. Ivory is a possible waiver wire pick up for your bench or as a flex player if you need a RB2 on a bye week, but don’t sell your mother down the river for him. It’s important to note that without the 71-yard TD, Ivory would have ended the game with nine carries for 31 yards.

Knowshon Moreno RB (MIA Dolphins)

Moreno didn’t start the game last sunday, but he finished it with 24 carries for 134 yards and a TD. His nagging knee injury didn’t stop him from performing against the Patriots and earning him a starting spot on many fantasy teams for Week 2 against the Buffalo Bills.

Le’Veon Bell RB (Pitt Steelers)

If you were in my league, then you were able to snag up Le’Veon pretty easily since most people were a little shy to draft him due to a possible suspension. With the suspension occurring during the season becoming more unlikely, Le’Veon Bell proves to be a well-deserved fantasy starter. Bell finished sunday’s game against the Browns with 21 carries for 109 yards, a TD, and 6 receptions for 88 yards. Bell is a must start against Baltimore in Week 2.

Cordarrelle Patterson (WR Vikings)

phew that is a hard name to spell…I feel sorry for elementary school-aged Cordar…forget it.

Patterson finished the game with 102 rushing yards on 3 carries and 3 catches for 26 yards. If you were like most people, you put your faith in this sleeper option and reaped the benefits with upwards of 18 points or so in a standard league. Patterson has the ability to be a fantasy starter with a few lean weeks.

Allen Hurns (WR Jacksonville Jaguars)

We couldn’t recap last weeks games without mentioning Allen Hurns. The rookie has got everyone buzzing about his big debut. Hurns pulled in 4 passes for 110 yards and 2 TDs in the first quarter. With Cecil Shorts out on injury, Hurns was able to impress many fantasy owners, earning himself a popular pick on the waiver wires. It’s hard to tell if that was only a Week 1 firecracker or if there is more to come from this rookie, but with Shorts coming back, it’s not likely Hurns will keep up the pizzazz. There too much risk to invest a starting position for  Hurns at this point, but keep a watchful eye out.

Andrew Luck (QB Indianapolis Colts)

Andrew Luck finished Sundays game with 26.7 fantasy points (standard league) even after a loss to the Broncos. If you are lucky enough to have Luck on your team, start him and although he may give you some grey hairs in the beginning of his games, he will make it worth your time.

Jake Locker (QB TN Titans)

Locker hauled in 266 yards, 2 TDs and no turnovers on sunday.  With facing the Cowboys defense this week, consider Locker as Sleeper for week 2.

Julius Thomas (TE Denver Broncos)

Thomas impressed in week 1 with 7 catches for 104 yards and 3 TDs bringing in around 28 points for fantasy teams (standard). Thomas has earned himself the Player of the Week award from most owners. Expect another stellar performance from Thomas in week 2.

Steve Smith (WR Bmore Ravens)

Steve Smith debuted the season with 7 catches for 118 yards and a TD. Smith was targeted 15 times in last sunday’s game by Flacco, but it’s hard to tell if Smith will keep it up for the remainder of the season.


**Keep in mind: Week 1 is full of big debuts and big breaks like no other. It’s important to keep in mind that the performances of week 1 are usually not an indication of how well a player is going to do throughout the season. Some players are firecrackers that come in with a bang and quickly fizzle out. Keep and open eye and ear for studs and duds in the following week. Sleepers and Waiver wire pick ups are what make fantasy football exciting and fairly unpredictable.

Fantasy Football Wishlist Rankings

If you haven’t drafted, then your probably in the midst creating your “Fantasy Football wishlist” by now. Well if your anything like me, then you didn’t watch preseason and you have no idea who is worth snagging and worth snubbing. It’s important to know the player rankings (courtesy of so you don’t end up looking like a total “newbie” and you can actually back up your office smack talk with a decent team.

Rank Player Team ADP
1 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos 1.09
2 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints 2.05
3 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 2.07
4 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 5.03
5 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions 4.06
6 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers 7.09
7 Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles 7.01
8 Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins 7.05
9 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers 10.01
10 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers 8.07
Running Back
Rank Player Team ADP
1 Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs 1.02
2 LeSean McCoy Philadelphia Eagles 1.02
3 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings 1.03
4 Matt Forte Chicago Bears 1.05
5 Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packers 1.06
6 Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks 1.09
7 DeMarco Murray Dallas Cowboys 2.01
8 Doug Martin Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3.02
9 Montee Ball Denver Broncos 2.02
10 Giovani Bernard Cincinnati Bengals 2.04
Wide Receiver
Rank Player Team ADP
1 Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions 1.05
2 Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys 1.11
3 Demaryius Thomas Denver Broncos 1.09
4 A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals 2.01
5 Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears 2.03
6 Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 2.12
7 Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons 2.05
8 Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears 3.01
9 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers 2.09
10 Vincent Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3.11
Tight End
Rank Player Team ADP
1 Jimmy Graham New Orleans Saints 1.08
2 Julius Thomas Denver Broncos 3.06
3 Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 3.04
4 Vernon Davis San Francisco Giants 5.07
5 Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys 6.10
6 Jordan Cameron Cleveland Browns 5.11
7 Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers 7.12
8 Jordan Reed Washington Redskins 7.04
9 Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens 8.07
10 Kyle Rudolph Minnesota Vikings 8.10

FF 2k14

Ohhhkaaayyy ladies, it’s that time of year again…fantasy football season!!! I’ve decided to get this how-to back up and running for another successful year. This time I promise I won’t abandon you fresh fantasy fanatics and I will give you all of the tips, tricks, and life advice to get you through this season. (btw if it’s any consolation…I dominated my league of all seasoned fantasy players last year.) Now once again here is my disclaimer: I am just your average girl with average advice and opinions. I am not responsible for any losses or break-ups because of my advice. (Especially if you beat your boyfriends/husbands). 

FF 2k14